Gourmet Gastronomer Soup Off

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After an extremely successful Mac and Cheese Off, we have decided to host another competition, the Gourmet Gastronomer Soup Off. It's winter, its cold, and it's the perfect time to eat some soup. The format of the Soup Off will be similar to the Mac and Cheese Off, but with a twist. One of the hardest parts of the last contest was that there was no tasting involved. This time, the online vote based on pictures and descriptions will be the first round. After that, I will cook up the 4 winning soups and host a live Tasting for the final vote. Everyone attending the Tasting will get sent home with Tupperware full of soup so they can enjoy the leftovers. If you would like to compete in the Gourmet Gastronomer Soup Off, please send me an email at danny@gourmetgastronomer.com. All entries will need at least one picture, a description of how to make the soup, and any additional information or a story you think is relevant. I will need submissions no later than February 18th, but get them in early because I am only accepting the first 20. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck. I can't wait to see all the soups.