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Over The Rainbow

Photo courtesy Rainbow GroceryNestled at the intersection of SoMa and The Mission, Rainbow grocery, San Francisco's largest worker-owned co-op, is a culinary resource every San Franciscan should know about. Providing the best and freshest locally grown and organic produce and a wide variety of organic pre-packaged products, Rainbow Grocery (or Rainbow, as I call it) caters to flavors from all over the world. I can find my favorite heat-and-serve Indian samosas, organic coconut milk, and Italian spiced olives, all under one roof.

More than a grocery store, Rainbow also houses a bakery and sections for bath and body, home, bar, tea, vitamins and supplements, books and gifts, and housewares.

Rainbow plays host to cooking classes, book signings, electronics recycling events, and more. Rainbow is also in the process of creating a Biodiesel filling station at their location, which they hope to have completed by early 2011.

Rainbow Grocery is located at:
1745 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
and can be reached at:
(415) 863-0620

Stinging Nettles: Pasta and a Bit of Kink

Last night I attended an underground dinner, in association with Forage SF, in which our meal focused on wild foraged foods.  Living in the pacific northwest, we have a bounty of naturally occurring ingestible & medicinal plants ...

At the masthead

picture-231 It’s somewhat ironic that though I’ve cooked quite a bit since I last wrote, I have little to offer today. We were too busy eating and talking to document, which is something you can never be too sorry about. Plus, as usual, I learned that I wanted to tweak the Moroccan lentil soup a bit, change spices, add salt, smooth it out to make it velvety.

Steamed Rice Tutorial

I love rice. Its in my blood. There are so many options for rice. It is a launching pad for so many other good foods, or even plain. Despite being a lover of flavors, I am also easily amused by bland balls of rice.
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