Better Than Seconds

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Got Rice?

fried riceWhenever I prepare rice, I tend to make more than I need. It's great to have a tupperware full of white or brown rice in my fridge, and my favorite thing to do with it is throw it in a pan and cook up some fried rice.

Chicken Bun

img_1137 When I think of the house where my friend Katie grew up, I think of her kitchen. Her kitchen overflows with food, ancient and recent—dried scallops given to her dad by clients, fruit baskets and See’s boxes of similar origin, the newest bizarre item from Trader Joe’s, leftover dim sum. I guess that’s what happens when you have five kids.

Even Better Tomorrow: Chile Verde Short Ribs

You know when you go to the taqueria and they have those innocent little salsa buffets and you end up hording sauce in a soda cup, like it's one of those free for alls?  Like when my mom asks me to fill 6 six little tubs of pico de gallo because she eats them like appetizers?
Yeah.  You horde them too, especially the green sauce.
I should've just stopped by my local taqueria to swipe some salsa for my less than blog-able "south of the border" crab cakes, but I bought tomatillos instead, determined to make my own sauce.
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